HP EX470 MediaSmart Home Server

HP EX470 500GB Mediasmart Home Server. Multiple PCs in your home often means photos, music, videos and files scattered about and difficult to locate. The HP MediaSmart Server provides a central location to keep all your files for easy access. Centralize and share your files and media across your home network. Remotely access files on your server and run applications on your home PCs from any internet connected computer. Stream photos, music and videos to PCs on your network or to your TV or stereo system. Sharing photos via the web used to be a time intensive and sometimes scary endeavor. With HP Photo Webshare, however, you can quickly and automatically create a photo website on your server and share photos and video clips with only the friends and family you designate. Easily setup a personal web address that visitors can use to see photos on your webshare. Set up automatic emails to notify friends and family to share different photo albums. Visitors can upload their own photos for sharing and download full resolution photos or be linked to Snapfish for photo printing. As you accumulate increasing amounts of digital content, keeping everything protected becomes a time consuming task. The HP MediaSmart Server takes the worry out of data protection by automatically backing up all of your important media and other files. Gain peace of mind through easy backup of household PCs and notebooks running Windows XP and later operating systems. Designate folders that will be copied automatically onto multiple hard drives for an additional layer of redundant protection. Restore individual files or an entire PC hard drive in the event of a hardware or software failure. Four internal hard drive bays, four USB 2.0 ports and one eSATA port for storage expandability. Easily expand capacity with off the shelf SATA drives installation doesnt require tools or cables.


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