Capture Wizard Pro 3.A0 + keygen free download

Description for Capture Wizard Pro 3.A0 keygen include
* Capture or record anything on your screen easily
* Screen captures take just 5 seconds
* Screen capture for everyone
* Easy for beginners, powerful for pros
* A screen capture tool for everyday use

Pro Features:

* Capture anything, anywhere on your screen
* Convenient capture bar that stays out of your way
* Scroll capture all or part of oversize scrolling areas
* Record screen action or animation to video files
* Record audio to your hard drive
* Create sticky notes from captured information
* Thumbnail viewer holds every capture for 5 days
* One click linking to your preferred image editor
* Capture the mouse pointer
* Capture XP tooltips (”layered windows”)
* Re-programmable buttons and hot keys


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