Notebook Lenovo X200 Review

Today were putting the Lenovo x200 through its course. The x200 is the smaller brother to the now infamous x300, and an upgrade to the x61 series of earlier years (best in class for ultraportable as far as were concerned). Although being smaller, and lacking an optical drive, the x200 doesnt seem too tiny nor as thin as the x300, and developing most of its hardships with the battery bay and standard tracking devices. Of course, this is a very near end pre-consumer level model were reviewing, so Im sure things have gotten ironed out as soon as this review hits the shelf as far as fit and finish is concerned.

  • Pros:
    • Stark Black Design
    • Decently Powerful Components
    • Awesome Battery life with 9-cell
    • Decent display resolution for its size
    • Connectivity is adequate
  • Cons:
    • Huge Battery really increases weight
    • No optical drive option
    • Minimal Graphics Options
    • Upgrade options are awkward

      Bottom Line:
      A healthy refresh to the older X series, now offering widescreen and beefier components, the x200 is a very decent commuter workstation. Now, we just need a slight refresh to the aesthetics, a couple of more advanced output options, and a track pad / track point option, and we might have more of a winner. Oh, and usable speaker(s) would be nice as well.


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